Product Description

(Pimenta dioica)
The pimento tree is indigenous to the Caribbean Islands. The berries it produces are called ‘allspice’ since it captures the flavours of cinnamon, pepper, clove and nutmeg and other spices. It was first identified in 1509 in Jamaica. The berries are used to make liquors and used in food preparation. The dried ground berries are a primary part of Jamaican jerk seasoning and are a major export item for Jamaica. We have ground the dried berries and packaged it to give you this unique taste of Jamaican all spice.

Use and storage

Pour 1 cup freshly boiled water over 1 – 2 teabags. Steep for 4 minutes. For a stronger taste, stir teabag while adding water and/or before removing. Prepare hot and drink cold-an ideal thirst quencher. Once opened, store the product in a closed dry container (jam-jar).

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