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CARI-MED Limited
C/O Mr. Glen Christian
20 Lady Musgrave Road,
Kingston 5
Tel: 876-978-3082-4 (Order Dept.),
876-927-7098-9 / 876-978-0317 / 876-978-1917
Fax: 876-927-6937
Email: info@carimed.com

C and A Variety Store Ltd
Unit #78 Mini Warehouse
Industrial Park, Georgetown,
Grand Cayman
Tel: 345-929-4114 / 345-325-8117 / 345-329-9722

Jamaica Export Trading Company Limited
188 Spanish Town Road (AMC Complex)
Kingston 11
P.O. Box 645
Kingston, Jamaica
Tel: 876-937-1798 / 876-937-5854 / 876-923-9379
Fax: 876-937-6547
Email: jetcoja@mail.infochan.com

JLB International Limited
C/O Antoinette Chambers,
191 Hagley Park Road,
Kingston 11
Tel: 876-937-1623-7
Fax: 876-937-2026

Nirvana Import-Export Sarl
C/O Mr Dinesh Bora
#60, Route de Saline,
Quartier de Orleans
St. Martin – 07150
Tel: 721-520-6868
Email: nirvanasarl@gmail.com
Website: http://www.nirvanasarl.com

Western Wholesale Inc.
8 & 9 Valley View Avenue
Lower Estate
Bridgetown BB19025
Tel: 246-537-6704
Fax: 246-429-6691
Email: eddie@western-wholesale.com



Belle Tropical Ltd.
C/O Mrs. Idell Brown
Unit # 1 Ballater Commercial Complex,
19-21 Ballater Ave, Kingston 10
Tel: 876-960-8160 / 876-960-9329 / 876-926-7427
Fax: 876-968 0153

Carib Import & Export Inc.
C/O Mr. Byron Chen or Mrs. Claudette Chen
3020 NW 75th Street,
Miami, Florida 33147
Tel: 305-696-2877 / 305-696-6885
Fax: 305-696-3402
Email: caribcc@bellsouth.net

Kingston-Miami Trading Co.
C/O Mr. Patrick Cha-Fong or Mrs. Christine Cha-Fong
1465 NW 2lst Terrace
Miami, Florida 33142
Tel: 305-372-9547 / 305-324-0231 / 305-324-9497
Fax: 305-381-6527 / 305-324-6559
Email: kmt@kingstonmiami.com
Website: www.kingstonmiami.com

Tanham Distributors
27 Utopian Place
Ny 10901
Tel: 917-447-3063
Email: tanhamdistributors@gmail.com


JLB International Limited
C/O Antoinette Chambers,
191 Hagley Park Road,
Kingston 11
Tel: 876-937-1623-7
Fax: 876-937-2026

Sunland Caribbean Foods Imports
C/O Raymond Jones (Sales Manager),
Unit #3 Higham Lodge Business Centre,
112 Blackhorse Lane, London E176SH.
Tel: 208-531-0569
Email: info@sunlandfood.co.uk

Sunshine Tropical
C/O Mr. Leroy Howe
6 Worcester Street, Wolverhampton
WV2 4LD, England
Tel: 011-44-121-622-2665 / 011-44-121-622-1198
Email: sales@sunshinetropical.co.uk


Bramic Sales Inc.
C/O Mr. Joseph Liu and Mrs. Irene Liu
1120 Tapscott Road, Unit #7
Scarborough, Ontario M1X 1E9
Tel: 416-299-6226
Fax: 416-299-6212
Email: bramic@bellnet.ca

Did you know

Jamaicans refer to most if not all hot beverages as “tea”. We even use it in combination with the actual beverage name, so its not uncommon to hear Jamaican’s ask for “Milo Tea” or “Coffee Tea”.

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